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Who is Michaela? 

I'm a Swedish girl living in Norway. I have also been living for many years in the USA so I speak all 3 languages fluently. So I can help you where ever you are located! 

It all started when I was about 25 years of age. I got sick with shingles. An OLD PEOPLE disease! WHY???

I was young, healthy, active and always had a pretty good and healthy diet! I just had my first baby boy. And suddenly I was in so much pain. My husband wasn't allowed to even give me a hug. I couldn't hold my little baby! Nursing was a nightmare even if my husband was the one to hold him. I couldn't even wear clothes due to so much pain. The doctor gave me the wrong treatment so when I finally understood what was causing the pain, it was too late for medicine.

My pain was unbearable and I did not know for how long I would have to experience this pain. 

This caused me to start researching the immune system, nutrition, how what you eat affects your body. I was hooked! 

I kept on learning a lot and got in contact with a supplement company and I started on their supplements. From seeing my own results there, there was no turning back!
I got so good results that I started to go through their training and began to sell their supplements. I saw awesome results on my costumers and I loved traveling around talking about nutrition. 

I saw first hand how blood pressure was lowered! Gray hair that disappeared and was exchanged with normal color again. Sleep problems that disappeared, PMS symptoms went away, the weight came off, allergies symptoms disappeared, immune systems were built back up again. And so many more awesome results. 

I wanted to understand more so I went on to study Nutrition in debt at a university in Norway.
Being able to understand the body on a cellular level is making me even more hungry to learn more and educate myself further. Something I do every day and I'm so excited to share my knowledge with whomever that can benefit to start their health journey.

If you feel like you are one of those! Don't hesitate to contact me! Every new client gets a 15 min free consultation. You tell me what your health issues might be or your health goal and I will give you a plan of how I can help you. Then you decide if you want me to help you! 

Did I tell you I also have a 100% money-back guarantee on your first consultation if not satisfied?
I want to give my costumers true results and be of value!   

Hope to talk to you soon! 


Morrell AS, Nutrition
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